Pumps You Can Consider for Your Farm's Irrigation Needs

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Pumps You Can Consider for Your Farm's Irrigation Needs

21 March 2016
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Arable farming can be quite lucrative, as long as you have a constant supply of water. This is why a significant number of farmers invest in irrigation systems to ensure that their crops flourish. It should be noted though that for our irrigation system to work at optimum, you would need a constant supply of water. To facilitate this, it would be prudent to consider investing in bore pumps. Here are some of the different pumps that you can contemplate for your irrigation system.

Floating irrigation pumps

These are submersible water pumps that are typically attached to a floating device, hence their name. The floating device is anchored into the source of water that will be feeding your irrigation system. A pipe is then installed in the pump to connect it to your irrigation system. These types of pumps are suitable for farmers living in close proximity to a large body of water such as a lake or a river. 

Booster irrigation pumps

These types of pumps work toward boosting the water pressure from the source of water into the irrigation system. As such, the pump is not tasked with redirecting the flow of water from the source of water. Instead, it ensures that your irrigation system experiences consistent water pressure to facilitate uniform watering of your crops. Booster irrigation pumps are typically used in conjunction with other types of water pumps.

Turbine irrigation pumps

These are also referred to as jet pumps. They comprise a centrifugal pumping system that is submerged in the water source. This centrifugal pump is then connected, by means of a shaft, to an above ground motor. The turbine irrigation pump will then pump water into a pipe in the connecting shaft, and the motor ensures that this water is distributed accordingly. Turbine irrigation pumps are best suited to farmers who have large tracts of land that they would like to cover at any given time.

Centrifugal irrigation pumps

These are one of the most options considered by farmers looking to facilitate irrigation on their land. The pump is mounted on its motor and is located above ground. The pump also has a suction inlet that works toward taking in the water from the source and redirecting it out of the top of the pump. These types of irrigation pumps are portable, hence making them suitable for farmers who may want to irrigate different parts of the farm rather than all the land simultaneously. 

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