Reasons to Enlist the Services of Water Testing Labs

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Reasons to Enlist the Services of Water Testing Labs

5 January 2016
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Not many homeowners will consider testing their drinking water as they believe it is sanitary. However, there come some instances when it is pertinent to seek the services of water testing labs. For instance, in the event that your drinking water begins to show signs of discolouration or gives off a foul odour, then these could be signs that it is unsafe for consumption. If your primary source of drinking water is from a well, then it would be necessary to have it regularly tested. Here are some of the reasons why you would require enlisting the services of water testing labs.

There is a Pregnant Women, Nursing Mother or an Infant in the Home

If there is a pregnant or lactating woman in the home, or an infant being cared for, it is important to ensure your water undergoes regular testing. Mothers and infants are vulnerable to a myriad of contaminants that could be lurking in drinking water. Due to their delicate immune system, it would be necessary to ensure that the drinking water is not posing a risk to their overall health. If the mother acquires health problems associated to contaminated water, she can easily pass this on to the baby and this would be putting both their lives at risk.  

Residents in the Household are Experiencing Gastrointestinal Problems

In general, gastrointestinal problems will typically come about if you ingest food that has been compromised by bacteria. As such, most people tend to overlook the fact that recurring gastrointestinal stress is being caused by contaminated water. If you and the inhabitants in your home are frequently suffering from stomach problems, chances are there are micro-organisms that are in your water supply. It is recommended to have your water tested so as to either confirm or rule out this possibility.

Your Residence's Plumbing System Comprises of Lead and Brass

Older homes tend to be fitted with older plumbing materials. The most commonly used materials for plumbing systems consisted of brass fixtures, lead pipes as well as lead joints. Over time, corrosion causes lead to deteriorate and contaminate the water in these pipes. The longer you keep using these pipes, the higher the chances of suffering from lead contamination. Some of the ailments associated with lead contamination include kidney failure, mental problems and more. If you live in an older home, it is recommended to seek water testing services so as to ensure you are not at risk of this type of contamination.

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